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Testimonials about South Texas Hunting

  • Hi Melissa,

    Ed and I wanted to send a thank you to the Y Bar Staff for the great time we both had. In particular, thanks to Shaun and Ben for the time and attention they gave to making Ed's hunt such a great experience.

    We want to schedule for 2013. We looked up the phases of the Moon and note that there will be a new moon on December 2. So can we schedule for Ed to hunt on 1-3 December with me as an observer again. What's the difference in price for a couple of does nice a buck and a doe (hogs included). We are ready to work a contract and pay for the hunt.

    Again, thanks to all, have a great holiday.

    Sincerely, Ed and Robin

  • Steve,
    I would like to thank Big John and the rest of the staff at the ranch for the great hunt Don and I had. Although the odds were against us 80 degree weather and a full moon John and the rest of the staff went out of their way to show Don and I a good time. This was our 6th time at the ranch and I have to say we never had such a good time as this hunt. we will be talking about his hunt for a long time.Don wanted to to send thanks to everyone for helping him with is disability.
    Thanks again for the great time
    Paul Pieri

  • Name: Monty
    Questions/Comments: I did a hog hunt at the YBar a couple of years ago and had a blast. I have a small group that is talking about returning to the YBar for another hunt. We would like to do the Doe/Hog hunt. My question is can we substitute a javelina for one of the hogs on this hunt. Please let me know as soon as possible as we are ready to book a hunt now.


  • Steve,
    Please extend a hearty thank you to your people for making my group's weekend a memorable one. Ben and Nacho worked hard to put us all on hogs and it was appreciated and obvious to each in my group. I believe I have 100% re-up from my group for next year same dates roughly. If you can squeeze us in earlier We will take it. My grandson, while not getting his own hog, the trip was a huge success with a 7 foot diamondback with his grandpa's Kimber. He skinned it and rolled it up in a ziplock bag and took it back to Raleigh in his carry on luggage. Kourtney the cute 16 year old cousin of mine got her hog Friday night with her .243 and "cut hair" Saturday night with her bow behind your house at the tripod blind.

    Thanks for a great weekend.

    Fort Collins, CO

  • Steven,

    Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great dove hunting trip this week. We limited out each day on dove and the hospitality & food were great!

    Coaching college football for 24 years, I got to see a lot of different hunting operations around the country and Y-Bar Ranch ranks right at the top. You and your staff made all feel welcome and provided a relaxed atmosphere to get away from the pressures of the "real world".

    Thanks again for a great time !

    Hugh Nall
  • Steven once again thanks for the great TX experience. We all had a riot!

    Everything was top notch as always. Let Becky know the food was delicious. Pass on the word to Roger, Andy & Nacho all the guys really enjoyed having them as our guides. Nacho did a great job this year on his own, he is a great asset to the ranch. Its been neat watching him raise in the ranks.

    Let me know the dates we have to choose from in 2012.

    Cory Lynch

    Cory Lynch
  • Steve,
    I want to let you know that I had a blast turkey hunting at the ranch two weekends ago. Shawn did a great job calling the birds and made the entire experience fun. You have a beautiful ranch with great opportunities to see diverse south Texas wildlife. I would like to see about booking a guided turkey hunt for me and my dad next spring (2014) for the second or third weekend of the season. Let me know if either of those times works for you. I want to make sure we can get our names on the books before the hunts fill up.
    Thanks again for a great spring hunt and I look forward to next season.
    Eric .......

  • Dear Cabela's Outdoor Adventures,

    I am writing to you to let you know what a great hunt I had at the Y Bar Ranch. The staff were all friendly and ready to help in any way, from the Ranch Manager to the Housekeeping personnel.

    My guide Shawn was excellent at finding and calling in the gobblers. On the morning of the second day Shawn had called in two really nice gobblers within hours of each other, both were trophy birds with over one inch spurs and 8.5+ beads.

    I'll recommend this hunt to my friends and may make this a yearly hunt at the Y Bar, see photo's attached.

    A Big Thanks to the Y Bar and Cabela's Outdoor Adventures.


    Robert (Bob) .........

  • I was out there this weekend with a group Dove hunting. I just wanted to tell everyone again how much fun we all had Dove hunting. We all had a very good time. All of you staff was very nice.

    Moon is going to ship us the birds and some Honey. Ship to:........ Albany, Ga. Van. Again tell everyone THANK YOU from the whole group.

  • Our team visited the ranch to relax and have a great hunt, and I must say we were extremely happy with the weekend. The facilities are stellar, Steven and his team are second to none, and we've got deer meat to last us for months. We've been to many other ranches, but have found our home at YBar Ranch!

    Charles Pilkilton