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Ranch History

Established in 1883 by Frank L. Henry, the Y Bar ranch continues to this day to be a working ranch. The Henry family has carried on a long history of ranching and wildlife management in South Texas. James Frank Henry was my grandfather. My name is Steven James Mafrige. I am the manager and part owner of the Y Bar Ranch. I am the fourth generation to manage the ranch.

I strive to carry on the tradition of South Texas ranching that my family started over 125 years ago. I have studied wildlife and ranch management at Tarleton State University. I graduated in 1995 from Texas Christian University receiving my degree from the TCU Ranch Management program. Since my graduation, I have lived on and been the full time ranch manager of Y Bar Ranch. I am the current Texas Christian University Ranch Management Alumni President.

I am a director for the Texas Wildlife Association,Coastal Conservation Association, and the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, where I am on the Wildlife and Marketing committees.

Since 1994, the Y Bar Ranch has been under intense wildlife management. The past years have proven how intense wildlife management can change the quantity and quality of habitat in an area. We hunt on over 20,000 acres.

The main thing that sets our hunting operation apart from many others is that I am not only the ranch manager, I am also part owner. When you come to our ranch you deal with one of the owners. The Y Bar Ranch is a working ranch that is set up to let you experience South Texas hunting the way that it was meant to be... with modern conveniences. None of our pastures are enclosed by game fence.  All of our hunting is fair chase.

I have hunted and fished all over the world which has given me exposure to all types of lodging and hospitality. I have taken the best of my experiences, combined them with our strict game management program to offer you one of the best hunting experiences the south has to offer. I assure you that until you visit the Y Bar... you have not experienced South Texas Hunting the way it was meant to be.

Our guides have hunted and or worked on the ranch for no less than ten years. Their skills and knowledge of South Texas wildlife habitat and hunting techniques are unmatched.

I have used my education, experience, the ranch's unbelievable wildlife habitat, and our excellent guides to assure you that this will be the best hunting experience you can have... "South Texas hunting the way it was meant to be!"

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Farming Operation

Y Bar Ranch farming division consists of the following:

  • Irrigated Klein Grass
  • Irrigated Buffel Grass - new cold and blight resistant varieties
  • Tamo Oats
  • Beef Builder Rye


The Buffel and Klein grass seed is harvested off of these fields 2 to 3 times a year. The seed is sold through a partnership with Pogue Agri Partners. All the by-product (the grass) is then baled for hay or grazed. Y Bar Ranches Farming Division is the largest Buffle grass seed producer for Pogue Agri Partners.


Y Bar also plants a combination of Tamo Oats and Beef Builder Rye annually for cattle grazing and wildlife management. A large portion of this production is irrigated.


All of Y Bar’s farming division is maintained with all of it’s own equipment. Land preparation for small grains production, seed planting, hay harvesting and the majority of the brushwork is done with Y Bar’s own equipment as well.


WE ARE NOW SELLING ANGUS BULLS! Y Bar Ranches cattle operations are managed with the ranch and wildlife as the most important resource. The ranch is stocked at a very high acreage per cow rate. All ranches are run with a modified moderate intensity low frequency grazing program. All ranches are managed with a very progressive drought program. This program is set up at different levels to coincide with the different levels of drought. This program has proven itself over the past few years to keep the ranches in the best condition possible with the given rainfall. We feel it is very important to graze the land to keep the grasses fresh and keeping them in their vegetative state. Ranchland with no active grazing will leave the forage dormant and extremely depleted of valuable nutrients. All of the Y Bar ranches are managed on an annual budget which allow for brush control, planting grass and fertilizer.


Y Bar Ranch is selling Angus bulls. These bulls are Gardner Ranch descendents. They are not registered, but they were purchased by the Y Bar Ranch as weanlings. They have acclimated to the South Texas climate and conditions. We have all age classes available. All sold bulls will be tested and guarantied. Delivery is available.


Y Bar ranches have a herd of certified Brahman cows, which are bred to Hereford bulls. These bulls are turned out in March and taken off in June. The heifer calves will make up most of Y Bar Ranches commercial cows. The steers of these cows will be taken to Y Bar's yearling operation. The heifers are backgrounded at the same yearling operation where they will be kept in small traps and cubed regularly to make them very gentle and easy to handle. All yearlings will go through their proper rounds of vaccinations and be dehorned.


Y Bar Ranches commercial herds consist of true F1 Brafords. They are bred to Angus bulls. Their breeding season is March though June. All calves are properly worked and raised for beef production. Depending on the ranch’s condition and the cattle market, the calves are either sold off or sent to the Y Bar yearling division. At the time of weaning all cows are palpated and all open cows will be sold.


Y Bar Ranches Yearling Division consists of ranch raised cattle and calves that are purchased out in the pasture. All yearlings will be worked and given their proper vaccinations. They will be backgrounded and then turned out into one of the ranches various warm or cool season grass fields. Depending on the size, and cattle market the yearlings are either sold off of the ranch or sent to the Panhandle where they will be put on feed and then sold directly to the packer. Y Bar Ranches are always in the market for good calves. If you or someone you know has good calves than please contact us. We will offer a premium.


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